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REALTOR® Safety Pledge

As a REALTOR®, my first priority is the well-being and safety of myself, my REALTOR® colleagues, the clients and customers we serve, and the business partners who foster our profession.

Therefore, I pledge to always conduct business and prospecting activities in a reasonably safe manner, which includes following the recommendations from the National Association of REALTORS® and adhering to the Safe Listings Form to the best of my ability.

I am committed to receive education and in turn to advise consumers and colleagues on best safety practices.

REALTORS® are committed to safety, and I take this pledge because I care about the wellbeing of myself, my clients and customers, my colleagues, and my profession.



3 Simple Steps to Get Started:

  1. Register your information
  2. Enter emergency contacts
  3. Create a showing




Monthly Discussions

April: CyberSecurity

NAR’s REALTOR® Safety Program offers resources on more than personal safety; it also provides cybersecurity resources to help members protect their sensitive data, client contact information, networks, and systems against any type of cyberattack.
In order to shield your computers from viruses that want to steal their Personally Identifiable Information, follow these tips: 

1. Be wary of free Wi-Fi. It’s easier for digital eavesdroppers to steal data over these networks.
2. Keep software up to date. Developers regularly patch software security with each update
3. Use strong passwords: Avoid reusing passwords for multiple accounts and easily guessed sequences like “12345”.


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