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GEPAR offers SentriKey® services to applicable users upon joining. In addition, SentriGuard ®Lockboxes are available for purchase at GEPAR. Should you have questions about SentriLock, please contact SentriLock Support at (513) 618-5800.

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Quick Access Support Links

SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App Login Help

To receive your Activation Link, please contact GEPAR's Membership Department at


SentriLock Support Hours of Service:

8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

  • US: 1-513-618-5800
  • International: 1-877-736-8745
  • Email:

Office: SentriLock, LLC

7701 Service Center Dr.

West Chester, OH. 45069

Quick Access Support Videos

Video Tutorials: Click Below For the Link to SentriKey.

Welcome to SentriKey® Real Estate App

REALTOR® Lockbox Operating & Maintance Procedures

Following the operating and maintenance procedures will help keep your REALTOR® lockboxes working and looking like new. Misuse of your lockbox or failure to follow any of the operating and maintenance procedures may void your warranty.



Do hold onto the lockbox when releasing the shackle. If you don't hold onto it and it falls to the ground it can damage the lockbox, or the surface onto which it falls. Your warranty does not cover damage caused by dropping the lockbox.

Do mount the lockbox in a vertical orientation with the card slot facing down. SentriLock designed the lockbox to drain water from the card slot at the bottom of the lockbox, so the lockbox should be hanging vertically. Do not leave the lockbox lying flat or almost flat unless it is in a location protected from the elements.

Do use the protective cover. In situations where the lockbox will be exposed to freezing rain, ice, or snow, the protective cover will help prevent ice buildup that could hinder access to the unit. You can also use the protective cover to reduce the cosmetic aging effects of strong direct sunlight, thereby keeping your lockbox looking new and fresh for a longer period of time.



Don't immerse your lockbox in liquid. If you need to clean your lockbox, use a damp soft cloth to gently wipe it clean.

Don't attempt to disassemble your lockbox. The only part of your lockbox that you should ever attempt to disassemble is the battery door on the back. The two metal screws holding the battery cover in place are the only screws you should ever remove.

Don't use lubricants on your lockbox unless directed to do so by SentriLock. SentriLock has tested and approved a specific type of lubricant for use on the lockbox. Some types of lubricants are not compatible with electronic components, and use of them on your lockbox may void your warranty. The only approved lubricant is Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Lubricant with Syncolon(R) (PTFE) in an aerosol can (Mfg Part #31110 for the 11oz can). Please do not use even this approved lubricant without direction from SentriLock.

Don't attach key rings, tags, or strings to any keys that you place in the key compartment. Items other than keys can get caught in the latching mechanism and possibly prevent the key door from opening. You may incur a repair charge if you return a lockbox to SentriLock to un-jam a key door and we determine that the jam was caused by items other than keys being in the key compartment.

Don’t attach to gas meters. If your lockbox malfunctions and it is on a gas meter, SentriLock Support and the locksmith will not attempt to free your box or do a key extraction. If found on gas meter, your warranty will be void.


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