Member Engagement
Goal: Support a culture of member engagement through promoting the value of membership and the relevancy of the association.

Engage new members to help the association understand their expectations and utilize effective programming to encourage involvement.

Identify and cultivate new and emerging leaders for involvement in association governance.

Utilize effective and innovative resources, tools and programs to recognize members for their contributions and achievements.

Ensure full transparency and accountability of the association to members and provide platforms for member input and feedback, including the use of surveys, task forces and focus groups.

Utilize video communication to celebrate member success and highlight association events, programs and issues.

Effectively inform members of association meetings and decisions to increase awareness of key issues and policies.

Encourage more member attendance at association meetings and explore video streaming of the association’s Board of Directors meeting.

Utilize social media as a communication tool and resource.

Explore the use of a text communication tool to increase member knowledge, awareness and engagement.

Create and utilize video promotion on what GEPAR committees do at new member orientations to explain the importance and value of input and engagement.

Continue GEPAR participation in the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program to identify and cultivate member and leadership involvement. Utilize graduates to share their experiences, talent and knowledge through engaging in association governance, programs and events.

Utilize TRLP graduates to mentor others to grow the program and encourage participation/engagement in the association and in the community.

Association Engagement and Social Responsibility
Goal: Enhance the positive image of REALTORS® and the association’s relationship with the community to positively impact sustainable improvement of economic and social conditions.

Be the Voice of Real Estate both internally with REALTORS® and externally to the public utilizing diverse media strategies.

Be a trusted resource to the media through distribution and commentary on Greater El Paso real estate market statistics.

Explore and develop a marketing plan to expand the association’s communications and marketing resources and strategies to enhance the positive image of the association and our REALTOR® members to the public.

Promote the value of the association and the role it serves as a community partner and trusted resource to members.

Recognize that we as REALTORS® are inextricably entwined and represent the fabric of our communities. We benefit from the economic vitality of our community and have a responsibility and moral obligation to give back to the community.

Sustain association initiatives to give and facilitate member giving to local charitable organizations.

Goal: Educate, motivate and mobilize REALTORS® and the public on issues affecting private property rights, the real estate industry and the economic vitality of the community.

Promote the importance of TREPAC as it relates to the health and vitality of the real estate industry and the community.

Encourage REALTOR® members to vote and participate in the advocacy efforts of the association.

Educate members on the rationale and importance of Calls for Action on local, state and national issues.

Maximize the utilization of TREPAC and REALTOR® Party funding available to the association to enhance advocacy efforts.

Increase member participation through low commitment opportunities to engage.

Utilize social media best practices and other modern forms of communication to communicate with and engage members in creative and effective ways.

Communicate in person with members, including the use of A Team office visits.

Maintain a strong and visible presence in all local political meetings and have the ability to rapidly mobilize REALTORS® to act when necessary.

Encourage members to serve in elected and appointed positions in local government and community organizations.

Establish stronger relationships with the media as a credible and valuable resource on advocacy issues.

Professional Development and Member Success
Goal: Promote growth and provide resources that elevate ethics, professionalism and integrity that contribute to member success.

Improve the quality of professional development opportunities and programs, including specialty area education and designations.

Diversify the delivery of professional development opportunities to better meet member needs, preferences and delivery of course and educational offerings.

Promote NAR’s C2EX endorsement program.

Provide opportunities for members to complete their Code of Ethics training.

Promote Equal Opportunity and Fair Housing.

Goal: Promote the importance of the MLS as a relevant and valued resource for members, utilizing an effective leadership and governance operational structure.

In coordination with the MLS, utilize a work group to examine its relevancy, effectiveness and future viability.

Communicate and educate membership on the value of accurate MLS data and use of market statistics.

Enhance relationships with builders to facilitate a collaborative resource or database of new home construction market data and statistics to supplement MLS resources.